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Mini nail files for manicures and nail modeling
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In the manicure and nail modeling, nail files are an important element. A suitable file can be selected just filing, banana files or other files, for each work on the nail. Whether to trim a nail or to smooth, to the light rough to a file is required. Through the different grain sizes of files, they can be used for natural nails and artificial nails. This, however, the choice of the file has to be done, because not all files, which are used for artificial nails, are suitable for natural nails, and the other way around as well. Nails should not be cut to shorten or to shape. Our mini file nded has a grain size of 100 and 180 on the other side. Due to its handy format of 8.8 cm, it is the ideal companion for travelling. The small black file is of very high quality and extremely wear-resistant. Our products are subject to the highest standards in quality. You benefit from our years of manufacturing experience. See for yourself, you'll be amazed. Fret no longer, on the road if you need a file, but none at hand did, because the banana file not in the Pocket has changed. Simply take our small file, so are always prepared.

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