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YOUMAXX Banana Files - Professional nailfile ​​Bent
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To make a nail shortening, offer three different nail care utensils, which would be there: the nail scissors, the Nagelknipser and the nailfile. With all these tools you can cut or file your nails to the desired length. However, the nailfile has two important properties that nail scissors or nail clippers do not entail. On the one hand, it is suitable for short files and for form files and on the other hand it does not cause any injuries or cracks in the nail plate and the nail can thus grow undisturbed, swift and evenly. The nded Profi banana files are wonderfully suited for fast, effective and accurate filing of natural or artificial nails. With the curved shape of this nailfile, the gel or the like of artificial nails in the cuticle area can be easily filed without injuring them. But even for brittle and soft natural nails makes this nailfile just good job. This variety of banana file is a sandpaper file, which is available in white, black or zebra-colored and with different grain sizes in our online shop. The higher the grain size, the finer the file. Do something good for your nails and use a high-quality file for a gentler cut. Professional banana files for all nail modeling types such as natural nails, gel nails and acrylic nails. YOUMAXX Banana files - Professional nailfile ​​curved - Nail art design Banana file for natural nails, artificial fingernails, manicure and pedicure.


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