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Curved Nail Files

Best curved nail files for the nail bar are washable
The importance of filing cannot be underestimated in nail modelling because it is the majority of the work involved. For the various filing tasks there are various files available. For natural nails different files are needed than for artificial nails. It is important to use the correct grain. The banana files are among the most popular files. They fit well in the hand and the curvature makes them well-suited for filing work. The files are very stable and extremely durable. They have a long life because they can be washed. They have had the best results in nail design for a long time.   You can order our banana files in various grains. The 180/100 grain is perfect for filing down an acrylic or gel layer with the rough side. The fine side can be used for all work on the natural nails or for transitions in modelling. This side is also good for natural nails. Of course our selection also includes files with the grains 100/100 (coarse) or 180/180 (fine) in black or in white. When filing always make sure that the grain is not too coarse and not to apply too much pressure when filing. This can be particularly damaging to natural nails.
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