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Nail files, buffers and polishing blocks – super shine polishing file
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Perfectly styled fingernails, which look more like freshly painted, must not remain a dream. A top-quality product under the Professional nail file Super shine is our polishing. It is a sophisticated blend of articles such as buffer and polishing block. The special submarine is through file the ends of different sizes comfortably in hand - preventing accidental slipping off. The extra thick quality file has two wide sides with different grit sizes for careful editing of your natural or artificial nails. With the a, slightly grippy surface you can relieve the nail surface without trouble of fine grooves and bumps. Now, the nail is optimally prepared for the Super shine rubber. You can immediately start polishing. Within a few seconds, your nail plates in a stunning gloss shine. You will be amazed by the results! A magical mirror and high-gloss result without the use of varnish or similar. If you still like to apply a varnish, then this will receive a longer shelf life and a wonderfully smooth finish. Our polishing file is extremely resistant to wear due to the voluminous foam core. It does not break as a result and the pressure is heavily buffered during the polishing process. The feeling for the user as well as for the person to be treated is pleasant. Add our professional file for Super shine without effort to your standard equipment. Enjoy quality products direct from the manufacturer.

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