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Buffer + Polishing Blocks

Polishing blocks and nail buffer as well as 4-way sanding files for beautiful nails
Groomed fingernails look even pretty with a pretty gloss. This can be made with clear polish or a top coat but also with buffers and polishing blocks. But they are also used to prepare for nail modelling. Our high-gloss polishing block has four different fine surfaces for buffing shaped gel and acrylic nails. Our studio polishing block gives your nails the finishing touch and gives them a crystal-clear gloss. Fine to medium irregularities can be removed, especially at the edges of the nails. There are buffers that have the same grain on all sides. This means you’ll always have the right buffer block for any need. The buffers are best suited for matting the natural nails or to carefully file the nail art. The fine grain filing blocks are best suited for the optimal preparation of the fine buffing. If the nail is roughened up a bit, the products such as gel and nail polish will hold better and considerably longer. The smallest irregularities can be evened out in the shaped nail for a mirror-smooth surface.  The fine grain of the buffers and polishing blocks make them very gentle to the nails. The four sides of the filing block give it a long life. Colorful filing blocks ensure a colorful change of pace. Take a look through our large selection, you will be certain to find your buffers and polishing blocks. All of our products are of the highest quality, take a look, you will be thrilled.
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