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Pump bottle

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Our pump bottles are a great dispensing aid in order to apply the perfect amount of nail polish remover or nail cleaner to a cellulose swab. They can help you to save a large amount of the relevant liquids.
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Pump bottle Storage and Displays
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Nail studio accessories – pump bottle

You own a nail salon or your girlfriends make hobby the fingernails and therefore greater amounts of nail polish remover, consume Nail cleaner or the like? For you but not for short Time to buy again, we recommend that you Pump bottle. It is perfectly right and adequate dosage and keep your fluids for nail designs. Pour the the liquid in the pump bottle to and you will be see that the application that is easier than if you have only a Turn on bottle. It is indeed with a lid, the only must pick up protected and equipped with a pumping system. Take a cellulose swabs at hand, place it on the Pumping system with the appropriate fluid on and press one or two Sometimes the pump down. Your pulp is then swab with sufficient Liquid soaked and the nails so that you can clean, the gel free from the sweating layer after curing and perform similar work easier... You Accessories, see this bottle in our shop in the main category and the subcategory storage and displays in two different Sizes. Once you have the size of 200 ml and 100 ml. so many customers, it's worth, if you sign up for these bottles to the Pumps, in a high Studio quality directly from the manufacturer to a Choose minimum price. Access to and you will be delighted be how much liquid you can save as a result.

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