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Nail stickers, white, for French nails
The color of the images may differ.

You French modelled nails have and now want to a beautiful nail design which is rather inconspicuous on the Make nail surface? Then choose white just for the stickers. That are not only popular in the nail design, but even understated. Even for wedding nails these nail stickers are a real eye catcher. Self-adhesive nail stickers are easily in the application. Paint your nails as usual and let them dry properly. Then remove one of the 10 nail a map Design stickers and put them by using an orange wood stick in the nail varnish or gel. Press it with the tip of the Orange wooden applicator stick partway. Concludes with a sealant fix and you have the understated motif in highest nail salon Attached quality on your nail. These self-adhesive nail stickers are finger-just cut and following 19 different and unique designs with us available: rose, flowers, heart,. Butterfly, flower rain, Hall, flower wreath, twisting flowers Daisy, flower, flower arrangement, flower with Rhinestones, floral vines, Star, Edelweiß and roses with Butterflies. Flowers, petals and roses arrangement are three self-adhesive pictures that even a 3D magic effect on your nail. This tasteful motives should not long consider access to and order them today incredible brand quality at discount prices at us at NDED shop.

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