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Nail design with shapes: Star shapes
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You want to decorate your nails after a manicure or a nail modeling with a beautiful nail art? For this peculiar is the star of shapes perfectly. With them, you can personalize your nails as desired. After you have edited your nails with a base coat, paint only one nail with your chosen color nail polish because the shapes only in the wet varnishing can be inserted. Record the shapes with the moist tip of Orange wooden applicator stick and put this one as desired in the lacquer. Paint each fingernail in the same way one at a time. Make a pattern with the stars or drop just one on the nail. Allow to dry the paint along with the nail art. After everything is dry, we recommend to seal the nail art star with a top coat. Of course you can insert the nail design star in a still-non-hardened nail gel and harden after it under a UV light. It does not matter is done according to which phase-Builder gel. Main thing is it still in a moist State. However, applies also to apply the nail at the end of a sealing gel. Are you curious on this high-quality asterisk for your nails, then you order a crucible with 50 pieces, in your desired color.

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