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Coloured lead shelleys, these are wafer-thin inserts for nail design
The color of the images may differ.

Our novelty in the nail art are colorful area Shelley's hand. This wafer-thin shapes can be quickly and easily process. They conjure up beautifully crafted with these small works of art Nails. Sweet depositors are absolutely quality and charm by their radiant brilliance. Check out the beautifully reconstructed Discs. A color variant competes with the next colour. One We like to describe small selection of colors. Check out the Close-up of the single Shelley's top in the product photos to. By Rosé to Turquoise, from silverware to permuttbeige or petrol-blue to return to golden yellow -These color samples are already almost not to put into words, so great Shine the effective mini leaves to the bet. Place the pretty shapes in your nail art individually or add more of the same a. Decorate your sculpted nails to your hearts content or also place Natural nails skilfully. Enjoy the colorful leaves in one Put a layer of wet Nail Polish. When the paint has dried. protect the individually designed nails with an additional Clear lacquer. For sculptured nails of all systems you can use the seemingly Shelley's use. Get the emulated leaf motifs in a Plastic box with 12 individually to open compartments. Always neat and good sorted for your ideas. Beat and get gorgeous Nailasseccoires on favourable terms.

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