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Sequins Sequins Sequins
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Nail art sequin rings with rainbow effect Sequins Nail art sequin rings with rainbow effect
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Nail art sequins, rings Sequins Nail art sequins, rings
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Buy cheap paillettes and sequins for nails
In the art of nail design almost nothing is impossible. Anything can be used to create beautiful and interesting nails, and just like every real artist, nail artists are extremely creative in the search for new possibilities. Numerous natural and artificial materials are available and everything that can easily be used will actually be used. Nail design is a rather unconventional art because it works with an unbelievable variety of materials and tools, only requires a certain degree of technical equipment and can turn the smallest surfaces into pure works of art. Sequins look almost just like the sequins that fashionable women wear on well designed materials. Only, things sewn on clothing can of course be placed on nails in a smaller version. Sequins are placed in the soft polish or unhardened UV gel and are hardened into the nail when the polish has hardened. They are durable and conjure up beautifully glossy effects on your fingernails. The sequins are not only available in numerous discrete, light, iridescent, glossy and matt colors, but also in metallic nuances and sleek white. We would like to invite you to look through our selection - of course the sequins meet all European standards, they come directly from the manufacturer and are extremely durable. After all, art on nails is only fun for as long as it lasts. Wholesale nail art paillettes and sequins supplies at nail salons and at home. 
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