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Turning rod holder for nail rings
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More and more nail designers offer individually designed Nailart rings on. Optimal and matched exactly to the nail art design, you can Rings are a very nice addition to the nails. To the jewels to print, you need one next to the transparent blanks Way that they can cure the rings in the UV light. Exactly for this purpose the torsion bars were made. The holder of the torsion bar can filed be. The bracket made of high quality wood is resistant to heat and can easily in any UV light curing unit be provided, so that the nail art Rings on the torsion bar can harden. Not only for the storage of the Rotary bar for the curing of the rings, but also for the interim or the complete set of rotating staff during the design and Creation of the nail art designs on the ring is conceivable. Thanks to the accurate Fit, designed to pivot rod and bracket, which can be Torsion bar at any time turn into the holder and move back and forth, so that a optimal work environment is created. Torsion bar get the nail rings It of course also in our assortment - also there is the torsion bar incl. the bracket in a set of advantage. Convince yourself of our high quality products and order this product and you will be amazed by the diversity of this article.  

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