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Nail art – piercings and inserts
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The nails and the nail design there are many ways to beautify the nails. The most beautiful own creations can be designed. In nail art, popular ways to conjure up the most beautiful creations are piercings and depositors as well as rhinestones. Our NDED nail art piercing ball rings are available in different sizes is available, suitable for an exceptional nail design. To be able to mount a piercing on the fingernail, a hole in the nail must be drilled with a special piercing drill bit. The hole is drilled in the part which rises over the fingertip. Drilled is from the bottom of the nail. The next step is the piercing ring with a special piercing forceps bent on something and hooked the trailer. The ring is then pushed through the drilled hole in the nail and push together. To find the required accessories for the piercings, also in our assortment. Piercing followers are there in a wide selection. At the beginning, a nail piercing in the daily handling can be anything unusual. But who's afraid to stay, hang can be reassured, you become accustomed quickly to the piercing. The dimensions are as follows: the ball has a diameter of 3 mm, 6 mm ring and completely, the diameter is 7 mm. We offer you the highest quality of our products. You can trust our years of manufacturing experience. Charm yourself and others with your beautiful nail design creations and our piercings.

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