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Nail art motif insert
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Stylish, romantic and Nailart dreamy motif depositors in the most diverse designs you will find in our online shop. This nail art is needed not much effort to the fix. You can use it after the nail modeling, before Versieglungs-or shine gel, Help of a rosewood stick into the still damp gel insert and harden. Since the novel designs for natural and artificial nails are suitable, it is also If you set the selected motif in the still-wet clear coat and allow to dry. After drying easy once again draw a Excess coating layer in. Instead of clear lacquer, you can the subject on fasten a coloured Nail Polish. Then, the durability is ensured. For quite Urgent it is also sufficient, the nail feeder with a few drops of To attach nail glue on the nail and perhaps an excess coating fix. You see, this variant of the nail art, with different Nail Design materials are taken to the hold. You have the choice between 26 different Einlegemotiven. Among these are beautiful designs, like for example, butterflies, roses, Hearts, flowers, Little Boy, stars, seahorses and so on. All available nail design novel designs are either gilded or silvered. Don't wait any longer and order themselves today from our Range of piercings and depositors of this unique Designmotive, in a very good nail Studio quality.

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