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Fizz pearls for the modern caviar look, small balls on your nails
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In nail art, there is hardly anything that does not exist. Novelties are always popular and who has them first, is particularly envied. With our NAIL-EON Fizz Beats you will be swamped with enviable views. Use the caviar effect for your nails. You will sure ask yourself now, what caviar has to look on your nails. Nothing.  Only the effect.
The new trend makes its name. Caviar is not only an exclusive delicacy, he has also long been known as a conditioner in the fight against wrinkles. So this exclusivity is predestined for the nails. Of course, not the real caviar, but small beats that exactly cause this effect.
Conjure up an exceptional 3D effect with our Fizz beads. For this, you need a color varnish. Wear it in two layers on the nail. The best way is to work each nail individually, so that the varnish does not dry too quickly. Is the varnish still wet, sprinkle the matching colored small beads. If you have covered the whole nail, press the beads once more and let the nails dry.

Use our highest quality products for your beautiful nail art creations. Our products are subject to high requirements of European standards.

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