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nded stamping varnish MoYou nded stamping varnish
1,64 € *
MoYou-London Stamping Nail Lacquer MoYou MoYou-London Stamping Nail Lacquer
from 7,59 € *
MoYou-London Kitty template MoYou MoYou-London Kitty template
7,69 € *
MoYou-London Pro template MoYou MoYou-London Pro template
7,69 € *
MoYou-London Suki template MoYou MoYou-London Suki template
7,69 € *
MoYou-London Fashionista template MoYou MoYou-London Fashionista template
7,69 € *
MoYou-London Tropical template MoYou MoYou-London Tropical template
7,69 € *
MoYou-London Frenchy template MoYou MoYou-London Frenchy template
7,69 € *
MoYou-London Festive template MoYou MoYou-London Festive template
7,69 € *
MoYou-London Artist template MoYou MoYou-London Artist template
7,69 € *
MoYou-London Alice template MoYou MoYou-London Alice template
7,69 € *
MoYou-London Cook Book template MoYou MoYou-London Cook Book template
7,69 € *
MoYou-London Fairytale template MoYou MoYou-London Fairytale template
7,69 € *

 "The philosophy of the owners of MoYou London is to create something innovative and unique while showing the individual personality with nail art. Their mission is to make nail art into a new art form, to make the world a bit prettier and to reinterpret what has been tried and tested. And, according to MoYou, sustainability is also important. Their emphasis is on stamping, a nail art method that is winning over more and more people and, with the equipment from MoYou, is particularly easy to handle.


What is so special about the stamping templates from MoYou? They are available in a variety of themes and, regarding the designs, are not limited to the usual motifs. In addition to the complete nail designs for stamping and smaller appliques such as flowers or butterflies, XL formats are also available. The stamping templates have complete nail designs in extra large dimensions. Thus even particularly wide or very long fingernails can have the entire surface area designed with stamping. 


Many of the MoYou London Stamping templates have extra large designs. For the stamping, you can select the right pattern from a variety of designs, and large format designs or lettering over several nails is also possible. With the new template style for stamping, MoYou is also setting new nail art standards. The plates offer an endless variety of possibilities and designs for discrete, playful or eye-catching stamping.


Not only templates, but also special stamping nail polishes, stamps and scrapers are offered by MoYou. The stamps are softer than normal and thus pick up the stamping designs quite easily. It is also easy to roll this off onto the nail, making perfect stamping as a nail art method even easier. 


The focus of MoYou is clearly on stamping. To this end the company sells individual products as well as entire sets as a starter kit or for professionals. However, numerous other nail art products are also available from the young and innovative company. Tools and manuals are available as well as nail polishes in many colors and designs; nail art accessories such as glitter powder, tattoos and rhinestones are also included in the product range in many variations. 


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