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Glitter Powder

Glitter powder Glitter Powder Glitter powder
from 0,75 € *
nded Chrome Pigments 3g Glitter Powder nded Chrome Pigments 3g
from 2,90 € *
Nightshine Powder Pastel Glitter Powder Nightshine Powder Pastel
1,79 € *
nded color pigments Glitter Powder nded color pigments
from 0,95 € *
nded Velvet Dust nails Glitter Powder nded Velvet Dust nails
2,48 € *
Nail art laser glitter Glitter Powder Nail art laser glitter
1,39 € *
Glitter powder, rough Glitter Powder Glitter powder, rough
1,19 € *
nded Acrylic glitter powder Gold Glitter Powder nded Acrylic glitter powder Gold
from 1,95 € *
nded Acrylic glitter powder White Glitter Powder nded Acrylic glitter powder White
from 1,95 € *

The finest color levels, smallest glitter effects, and an unending variety of colors: Every artist dreams of this. Nail design is art on the smallest surface and is, when it comes down to it, jewelry. And it is temporary, that might explain the special tantalization of intricately designed nails. Artificial nails can be designed with a variety of different materials, they can match every outfit and occasion, and look beautiful. Don’t you sometimes dream of catching the glitter of an evening starry sky in your beautiful fingernails, captivating the moment of sheer aesthetics and carrying it around for at least a brief period? Glitter dust gives you this chance. At home or in the nail studio, the glittery fine dust is easy to work into artificial nails or add to natural nails. Glitter dust is simply sprinkled on the wet nail polish and is set once the polish has hardened. Nail art glitter powder dust is available in many different colors, single colors as well as mixtures, iridescent, in neon colors, fluorescent, white, metallic, in gold and silver, sleep white, glossy or matt. For the particularly spectacular moments in the life of a woman! We guarantee high quality and fair prices for this product (staggered prices, because the glitter dust can be purchased in bulk more economically.

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