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Fimo flowers for a summery decoration of your nails
The color of the images may differ.

Beautifully decorated nails are always successful eye-catcher. Flowers you can even top it with our nail art Fimo. Spice you On her nail art on successful and detailed manner. Deceptive with our real looking polymer inserts create instantly spring and summer nails. Colorful you never have your fingernails designed. Our Fimo slices be colour sorted in a practical Rondelle delivered. Twelve different flower types are your eyes to the Bring a glow. There are wonderful colours in the round dispenser box been sorted. Rosé of blue-white, purple-white, yellow white, soft, Rainbow colors, light blue red, turquoise, pink-white, orange-red, orange and white. You are light pink blue blue up to a lush green with pretty, original flowers enchanted. The processing of our polymer clay products is very easy. You place the tiny sliver in the still-wet UV gel and cure These in your UV light curing unit from. Then you should be yet another Model layer structure gel and harden. This works with the acrylic Similar to modeling. There are the polymer clay particles in a damp Acrylic location used. After hardening in the air, you wear a Acrylic layer up. In both versions you can the applied Building layer in the form of filing and even with other nail decorations such as the Provide sample color paintings, stampings or sequins. At the end you will artistic model layers sealed discretion. Order our high-quality professional products.

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