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Crushed Shells

Crushed shell Crushed Shells Crushed shell
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1,10 € / 100 g
Crushed shell Violet Crushed Shells Crushed shell Violet
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0,57 € / 100 g
Crushed shell Ocher Crushed Shells Crushed shell Ocher
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Crushed shell Yellow Crushed Shells Crushed shell Yellow
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Crushed shell Violet blue Crushed Shells Crushed shell Violet blue
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Crushed shell Bright charcoal Crushed Shells Crushed shell Bright charcoal
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1,55 € / 100 g
Buy cheap crushed shells for super nail art
There are various elements in nail design that conjure up beautiful effects on the nails. Natural materials are excellent for creating real works of art. Crushed shells are available in many different colors. Crushed shells are easy to use. They are very thin and can be used for amazing 3D effects. The small broken shell pieces are placed in wet gel or polish. The pieces can be easily picked up with the tip of a dampened rosewood stick and placed exactly where needed on the nail. You can also mix the pieces with gel or polish before applying them. However, the rosewood stick is better suited for exact placement. For a particularly good result, we recommend working on each nail individually to prevent the crushed shells from slipping or the polish from drying too quickly. As a finishing touch, a top coat or a sealing gel is applied and hardened to keep the nail design longer and protect the crushed shells. Of course the shells can be combined with other nail art elements. There are hardly any limits to the ideas and creativity. Use our crushed shells and make your most beautiful creations. Test various motifs and color combinations. Check out the high quality of our products, you will be thrilled. We offer many years of manufacturing experience.
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