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Nail art – airbrush nail tips
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So you get the airbrush technique on your nails, requires much practice and a professional and associated facilities. To be able to get around all this and still a fantastic nail art designs on the nails to conjure up, the airbrush tips in this case are a good alternative. These ready designed nail tips, in 47 individual designs that can be used like other modeling tips and processes. As usual you treat your natural nail, glue tip like a normal tip your airbrush and file away clean and carefully the transitions. Now apply the gel layers and cure them. Remove even the slight bumps with a buffer and complete the modeling with a gloss gel or clear varnish. But even without nail modeling, when for example a broken nail, should be repaired quickly, these nail tips can be installed using a nail glue, well preserved. You can choose between the normal, handcrafted Airbrushdesign French in different colours, different glittering highlights, to the noble design with inlaid Swarovski crystals in the tip. The artificial nails in a pack of 20 copies are packed. Each 2 PCs each size are available. So, you have 2 complete sets of your chosen subject in a loving hand-crafted creation. Join us and benefit from our outstanding Studio quality.

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