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Airbrush nail tips Airbrush Airbrush nail tips
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Airbrush template Airbrush Airbrush template
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Wholesale nail art airbrush technique supplies
Basic equipment for airbrush nail art

For the nail art technology to succeed, various utensils are necessary. Our shop also offers the equipment for this special nail art variant as a practical airbrush kit. The following tools and materials are needed for the basic equipment:
• Airbrush gun
• Piston compressor with pressure tank
• Connection hose, for example as a spiral hose
• Filter
• Gun holder
• Cleaning kit
• Water soluble colors including black and white
• Airbrush nail art stencils
When this equipment is available and the workplace is prepared, the nail art can commence. A face mask is recommended to safely avoid the inhalation of paint mist. The immediate area should be protected, the workstation itself requires a bright and glare-free light for perfect views of the nail.

Good nail preparation for best results

Nail art can only be as good as the preparation of the nail. The application of airbrush technique is possible on acrylic or gel nails or on reinforced natural nails. The surface must be thoroughly cleaned, clean and dry. A self-adhesive skin protection template around the nail protects the finger. The first nail to be sprayed is the thumb. After setting the compressor pressure 1.5 to 2 bar, the application of the airbrush colors can begin. The distance to the nail should be approximately 4-5 cm.

Layer by layer to perfect airbrush nail art

The airbrush nail art works in several thin layers. This makes the results particularly fine. In the first step, the nail is given a foundation. White is particularly suitable and brings the subsequent layers of paint to light. Once the foundation dries, the airbrush stencils are used. The desired motif is placed on the nail and pressed on. A small amount of the desired color is filled in the compressor tank, the distance when applying can be reduced slightly. Again, here work with several layers.

Once the paint has dried and desired motifs have been sprayed on, carefully remove the stencil with tweezers. The finger guard can also be removed. The completed airbrush nail art is sealed with a top coat, which protects it well from fading and scratches.

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