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Mini Beads and Pearls

Color pearls Mini Beads and Pearls
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Mini Beads and Pearls create fascinating 3-D nail art

Decorated nails - fingers and hands are inspiration for artists - that has always been the case. Whether you look at the hands of Venus in Botticelli's “Birth of Venus”, with the detailed and lovingly drawn fingers resting carefully on her chest, or the ringed fingers of Ruben’s women - hands and fingers fascinate artists, and it’s not just the fingernails that give the demanding hands their final polish. Glossiness makes fingernails noticeable - so why work with just polish? Glass pearls can be attached to set small, glittery accents. And like a precious stone gives a finger ring special character, glass pearls give a designed nail more charisma. And the glass pearls in our catalog are as divers as the world of precious stones. Our selection of micro-glass pearls are divers, suit any event and are very durable. These are added before the polish or gel had completely hardened and are available in numerous colors - iridescent or not, transparent, with a denim look, metallic or as mother of pearl. Relaxed, elegant, matching the other design or as a contrast: There are infinite possibilities of using micro-glass pearls for decorated nails in nail design.
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