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Nail art stencils KONAD
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KONAD makes nail art easy with stamping sets, polish and plates

KONAD nail art stamping hands are erotic, they are images of femininity, of aesthetics and need to be decorated and cared for. The basic care of skin and nails is essential, and even the aesthetic design of nails with color and shape should be taken into account. Pretty and interestingly designed fingernails - that’s what every woman wants, and that is best accomplished with products manufactured by KONAD, the leading producer on the market. KONAD can be found in professional nail studios and cosmetic institutes as well as in private bathrooms that have been converted into beauty salons. The manufacturer keeps the promise: Products of unique beauty that are easy to use and also meet the highest demands for hygiene, safety and quality. KONAD can give your hands a personal expression, aesthetic touch and sensuality. KONAD produces sponges, templates, polishes, stamps, information brochures and all accessories needed for nail art. The selected templates use holders, which you can also purchase from us just as all other equipment and instructions for designing beautiful nails. Here you can find individual products as well as complete sets and kits that fulfill every wish. Items from KONAD are designed to work together and can be combined - a complete setup from on individual manufacturer guarantees the best results for beginners as well as for professional nail designers.

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