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Glitter Flakes

Glitter nail flakes Glitter Flakes
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Glitter Flakes for lovely nails with sparkle

Individually designed fingernails are beautiful. They can be an eye catcher, can emphasize slender and delicate hands, or can simply provide a feminine effect. It doesn’t always have to be the natural nail in its pure, natural color that shines - sometimes it can be a bit more colorful, more creative, individual and more with a more detailed design. Nail art flakes do this without being overly obvious. What makes nail art flakes so special is the way they reflect the light. Lightly iridescent, they still keep their own color and let nail art highlights sparkle that are simply impossible with a solid polish. They are available in ten shimmering nail art colors that can be used in almost any hand design. In our nail art catalog you will also find discrete white shimmering nail art flakes that are well-suited for events with a subdued effect. If it can be a bit more relaxed, we can recommend a nail art mix - all colors in a balanced mix. Nail art flakes are placed on soft polish or UV gel. Once the material has hardened, the nail art flakes are set and will be around for a long time. It doesn’t matter if it is polish or gel on our natural nail or on an artificial nail. The nail art flakes are suitable for both types of use and require no special technical nail art equipment. These can be easily used by patient hobby designers as well as true aesthetics and nail art professionals in nail studios.
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