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Crushed shell

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Our nail art crushed shell enables you to easily decorate your artificial and natural nails yourself. You don’t need any additional, expensive nail design equipment or utensils for applying the crushed shell to nails.
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Crushed shell Crushed Shells
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Crushed shell for creative nail design

You want yourself without more expensive Nageldesigngeräte create, to glittering effects on your fingernails use? This is not a problem with our nail art shell splittern. Set glittering in the nu accents to your art or natural nails. First take Before a manicure and Polish your nails at the desired length and shape. Place the shell splinter after painting in the still-wet Nail Polish or into the not yet hardened nail gel, just as you want it. Use a moistened Orange wood tip to take the splitter. We recommend that you individually to paint each fingernail or model, Thus the used nail art either slipped or the lacquer before dries. After you harden the small shell splinters in the varnish or UV gel have, paint with a top coat or a sealing gel Furthermore. This gives you a perfect fit, your own made nail art without drop again after a short time. Of course you can use the Sprinkle in the mussel splitter directly into a nail gel or nail polish. Opt for our high-quality shell splinters in a nail art Pots and decorate your nails effectively so. Don't wait any longer and today, if you choose from over 40 different colors, as sometimes a sea blue, bright pink, turquoise or purple, your favorite sound.  

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You can make summer nail art with this products.
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