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Nail modeling, preparation and finish – Vylen Nails primer
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You have the lifts of your sculpted fingernails sorry and want to prevent the final? Our primer Vylet-Nails could be the solution to your problem. This almost odorless fluid can help your gel or acrylic nails a good grip. First of all, tarnish your natural nails. Select appropriate tips and glue them. Cut and file your artificial nails to the desired length and shape. Then smooth the transition between art and natural nail. Dust down all the fingers with a cosmetic brush. Paint our bonding agent such as a thin first coat of nail polish on all of your natural nail surfaces. You should observe that under no circumstances of something on the nail tips come. Allow primer about two minutes to air dry the. After the drying time, a layer of sweat stays behind on your natural nails. Do not touch this, because it is important at a later date for the liability and degreased it on top of that long lasting your nails as a result. Directly in the subsequently, you can model your first layer with a UV gel or acrylic and as usual perform all further steps of the location of your model. You'll see after the first application that you would never again make a finger nail modeling without the bonding agent. Our Vylet-Nails primer, from the range of preparation and finishing, we offer you a high-quality nail Studio-quality.

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