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nbed tip blender for clean transitions from natural nails to artificial nails
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A vital fluid in nail design sector, which facilitates a new facility with art nail tips, is the Vylet-Nails tip blender. He is a professional product, which allows that the transitions between the natural nail and tip are much easier and without straining to be files. Direct from the manufacturer, and in best quality, can these articles from the category purchase preparation and finish with us. Use the tip Blender Vylet-Nails and forward to the perfect result at the end. Save time, the filing work are substantially shorter and the filings can be reduced even by the use of this excellent product. The application is easy to achieve. You prepare the natural nails as usual and adjust the respective nail tips. After sticking the extensions and their cut to the desired length you first slightly rough surface area at the tip of transition. Then apply the Blender sparingly there. He is slightly different on the artificial nail at this point. Wait therefore a moment and let soak in the texture. Use not too much, because that otherwise adversely can affect the model location. Now be filing you art nail transition. 15 ml are in a handy, black brush bottle made of glass. Set an example and work faster and fatigue-free with high-quality products for the lowest prices!

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