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nded nail sun block

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Prevent discoloration by using our nded nail sun blocker. This means that yellowing of the nails are a thing of the past and they take on a lovely shine.
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Protection for your nails with the nded nail sun blocker

It does not matter whether you have artistic or natural nails, both can be attacked by UV radiation and this can lead to unsightly yellow stains on the nail plate. But not only the Sun's rays can stain your nails, also frequent visits of solarium or smoke help. But do not worry. Can remedy nail Sun Blocker the nded. You start with a Classic manicure, apply a primer gel on your nails and let harden this under a light curing unit. Directly afterwards draw a layer structure gel through the priming gel and can also cure it. Remember to elaborate the C curve with this gel properly. Remove the layer of sweat with a cleaner and smooth filing any unevenness. Dust down your fingernails, seal them with a sealing gel, allow it to harden and again remove the layer of sweat. Now you can paint the Sun Blocker like a nail polish on your nails and dry. Of course, you can also only one base coat, nail lacquer, or excess varnish apply using the nail design Sun blocker. Her natural fingernails are protected by the blocker, reinforced and in addition he makes them more scratch-resistant and high-gloss. The high-quality nail design product from the product range of fluids for preparation and finish, get with us at an affordable price. Now take leave of these unsightly stains on your nails.

Nail design without machine curing: create beautiful natural or artificial nails without using electric devices, totally independent from power supply. With this seal, we have marked the products that cure by themselves upon contact to the air.

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