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Nail modeling – liquids for preparation and finish purposes
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A useful product from our class preparation and finish is the nded nail preparation liquid. This useful blend of shares of isopropyl alcohol and acetone is essential for a durable finger nails. The application of primer followed by pretreatment with this liquid. Easily in the application you get a professional reason treatment of your nail plate in this way, keep a more modelling bombproof. The strong effect is achieved by the removal of the moisture at simultaneous fat removal. You can use our Dehydrierer as well before a manicure as well as a painting. Better, you can do not have to prepare your nails. The subsequent coatings keep longer. It is important, however, not to use him on artificial nails! The ingredient is acetone, a solvent and could remove your artificial nails or porous make. A convenient side-effect is that the substance acts antiseptic isopropyl alcohol and eliminates germs and pathogens as a small proportion. You can choose how you are used already by us from various bottlings. There is this professional product in a practical and handy 15 ml brush bottle or in a decrease in size of 4000 ml. You will receive 1-liter bottles with a good lockable screw cap then 4 x for your stocking or the own portion. Make happy and order to today your perfect Nageldesignausstattung direct from the manufacturer.

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