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nded nail polish corrective pen

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Polished nails are a real eye-catcher. Yet if the polish is not neatly applied, the polish doesn’t look particularly attractive. Our nded nail polish corrective pen allows you to easily eliminate minor errors.
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nded nail polish corrective pen for nail modeling and manicures

For the nails and manicure, it needs good material as well as some practice some liquids to the preparation and to the finish. A painting with a colored nail polish can form complete with manicures and also the location of the model. Beautifully painted nails pull again admiring glances. Is the paint is applied but not very clean, the painting is not good looks. It can easily times happen that some of the paint lands on the cuticle or at the edge of the nail. However, as the bug patch, no back from painting to the whole nail? Here, our nded is Nail Polish correction pen in the game. With it you can mend easily and simply unattractive places. The pen is designed with a new recipe and free of acetone. It contains nourishing ingredients and can be easily applied. For the PIN you find in our range of spares, always precisely to work. You can choose between flat and round top, entirely to your liking and they better deal with what top. Rely on our many years of experience in manufacturing. We offer products of the highest quality. annoy you is no longer about small glitches when painting the nails. Eliminate small bugs quickly and easily with our correction pen.

Nail design without machine curing: create beautiful natural or artificial nails without using electric devices, totally independent from power supply. With this seal, we have marked the products that cure by themselves upon contact to the air.

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