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Cuticle remover to gently loosen of cuticles
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The cuticle is a important part of the nails. The nails, prevents the penetration of Bacteria. The cuticle should be well maintained. A neat look Hands well out on the other hand, the cuticle can tear, if they are not maintained will.

One of the most important steps of the preparation for the manicure for a nail is the removal of the cuticle. Cuticles should never be cut or be cut off. For the manicure, as well as for a Nail modeling is a lot of different liquids for the preparation and the finish is necessary.

Our nded will help you, the cuticle cuticle Remover to remove soft and gentle way. The term Remover can irritating. In fact the liquid not removed the cuticles It softens them. As a result the cuticle can be pushed easily back and excess skin pieces can come off better.

Should the cuticles carefully with a rosewood sticks pushed back are. This may not gross proceed, since it otherwise to painful injury of the Nail skin may occur. Can the excess cuticles gently with a soft cloth can be removed.

Take advantage of our many years Manufacturer experience, with which we you highest quality of our products guarantee. Take the necessary care your cuticles and take advantage of our friendly and nourishing cuticle remover for the perfect and neat look your Hands.

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