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Nail design preparation and finish – base coat
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Under lacquer nded base coat is ideal as a base for all nail polishes. Too fast projectile nail polishes so finally belong to the past, because a long stop of your nail polish is guaranteed with this product. Since no formaldehyde, toluene, Rosin, acrylate and also no fragrances or preservatives are included, this article is also very good for sensitive and fragile nails suitable. It dries very quickly on the natural nail. Therefore it can continue immediately with the nail design. There is no longer even discoloration of your own nails, because our product to prevent discoloring and yellowing of the nails. Also a strong red tone or a neon green Nail Polish more have no chance against this high quality primer. The first coat of nail is very important because it promotes healthy nails. Our product can also be used as clear nail polish, because he can look nice and of course the nail. Women who want a scratch-resistant, reinforced natural nail and prolonged stop of the Nagellackes, need our product. Take advantage of our many years of know-how in the nail design and say goodbye to discolored, dull and brittle fingernails. In the sector of liquids for preparation and finish, this base coat is the absolute must - have in the market. Our product is available, depending on the demand in the volume of 15 ml and 4000 ml.

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