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Preparation and Finish

nded primer - bonding gel Preparation and Finish nded primer - bonding gel
from 0,98 € *
nded special tip adhesive Preparation and Finish nded special tip adhesive
from 0,50 € *
nded cuticle Remover Preparation and Finish nded cuticle Remover
from 2,56 € *
nded nail preparation liquid Preparation and Finish nded nail preparation liquid
from 5,40 € *
nded base coat Preparation and Finish nded base coat
from 2,71 € *
nded nail sun block Preparation and Finish nded nail sun block
from 2,71 € *
nded nail tip blender Preparation and Finish nded nail tip blender
47,12 € *
nded nail polish dryer Preparation and Finish nded nail polish dryer
from 8,24 € *
nded nail polish thinner Preparation and Finish nded nail polish thinner
from 6,24 € *
Vylet-Nails special sealer Preparation and Finish Vylet-Nails special sealer
11,78 € *
Vylet-Nails base coat Preparation and Finish Vylet-Nails base coat
10,40 € *
Vylet-Nails nail tip blender Preparation and Finish Vylet-Nails nail tip blender
10,40 € *
Best finish and nail preparation to ensure glamour nails with a sealant

Brittle nails, split nails or weak and dry nails - anyone who has to live with problem nails and has already tried everything without success, should try a special polish from NDED. The manicure nail polish, for example, is suitable for brittle, thing nails and restores their strength, can be used as a treatment as well as an intensive strengthening. If you are a nail biter and want to stop, then you should try our anti-bite. Often ridges on fingernails are very unattractive. To stop these ridges from being as noticeable, the nail design ridge filler can help by putting this on before painting on the actual nail polish. This also makes the ridges disappear between the natural nail and the artificial nail. The manicure tip blender makes it easier to file between the transition from tip to natural nails to give your artificial nail a perfectly shaped appearance. For an ideal foundation that protects your nails while hardening them, we recommend a base coat, finish and nail preparation for your natural manicure. It smooths the surface and helps nail polish last longer. And matching this, the nail design top coat provides a protective seal and speeds up the hardening of the nail polish.

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