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nded Duftnagellackentferner acetonfrei
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The nail polish on the nails dissolves, chipping or You simply want a new color, a new design or simply the have natural shine of their nails? No problem – with our high-quality You will paint residue and excess paint on their art nail polish removers and natural nails quickly going. For many, the scent of traditional is Nail polish remover often a thorn in the eye, because he very intense chemistry and smells his alcoholic ingredients. Nded with our Acetone-free we have a discharge also product on the market smell nail polish remover brought, which boasts two special properties. To the one can be also artificial nails with this product it free themselves of all paint residues, since no Contains acetone, which attack and detach from the nail art nails could, on the other hand, this paint Remover contains a pleasant Fragrance additive that reduces the usual odors. Already a small amount This high-quality and abundant product is sufficient without around the nail to get rid of the paint. With the help of pads, cotton pads or a Kleenex You can undertake the liquid around then the nails with the moistened To cover pad. A short exposure time needs the Remover, before he the Paint connection can solve. Let the pad a little on the nail and to gently press these, so that the liquid can spread. In the Connection remove the pad and that with one wipe the nail tip Paint.


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