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Vylet-Nails cuticle oil provides your nails with the right amount of moisture
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A good manicure equipment our Vylet-Nails may not lack cuticle oil. With this oil sufficient moisture can be donated to your cuticles and it is this soft again. Start with your Classic manicure by you to disinfect your hands. If you wear a coat of paint on your nails, you rid completely of these. Form and subsequently, trim your nails with a file or sandpaper and apply a cuticle remover. After the drying time you can easily push back your cuticles with the help of a Horse foot. Take a nail bath and then applying a nail peeling. Directly after the soothing hand bath, smooth and polishing the surface of your nail with a buffer, and seal them with a Crystal file. Treat yourself a hand exfoliation and then apply your hands with a hand cream. Subsequently, you apply the nail around the nail oil, massage it with your thumb tip, in small circles, from the nail root to the top of the nail into it thoroughly and slowly. The massage stimulates not only the circulation, but softens even the cuticles. Finally, nail oil with hygiene wipes, rid your nails and may apply a nail hardener. On-demand can to paint again a lacquer. A high-quality nail care, which are available in different fragrances with us in the range of fluids.  


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