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NDED cuticle cream stick for nail care
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The cuticle is very sensitive. Also the cuticle must be maintained well for beautiful manicured hands and nails. The manicure and a nail modeling, you need also some liquids Besides good tool to the nail. The cuticles should not be cut. During the cutting of cuticles, the risk of injury is quite high. Is cut into the cuticle, it may bleed and it may cause inflammation, which can be very painful. It is better if it is pushed back with a rosewood stick. This step is even easier and gentler, if a cuticle Remover is used. You find this also in our assortment. The cuticle Remover softens the cuticle, so that it gently and simply cannot be pushed back. The excess pieces of skin are removed and can be easily removed. In the subsequent care our nded cuticle care pen is used. The PIN nourishes the cuticles with valuable building vitamins. You can apply the cuticle care precisely with the pen. In our assortment you find suitable replacement tips for the balm, both flat and round tip. You can rely on our experience of the manufacturer. We offer you the best quality product. Our PIN to your cuticles will convince you. Enjoy the rich care your cuticles and reap admiring glances for your beautiful manicured hands.

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