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Nail care, cleaning, disinfectant, removal – Vylet-Nails nail polish remover
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Every woman knows when the time is ripe, fresh with a lacquer to the nails on hands or feet. If only the old coat of paint, that you get so difficult away from the natural nail. Here the Vylet-Nails helps you immediately nail polish remover. Nourishing and quickly remove your old Nail Polish. Under the liquids that are not, whether at home or professionally, missed in your equipment, the Professional nail polish remover is an important tool. If you would like to match style your nails to your outfit, it happens that the paint must avoid a new color. No problem for these Polish Remover who find cleaning, disinfection and removal is with us in the category. Apply the Remover Vylet-Nails on a cotton pad or a Zellette. Place the engorged cotton wool or cellulose swab on the nail to be cleaned and press easily while on the nail surface. This may take a moment. Then sliding pad/tampon with slight pressure to the front over the free edge of the nail. You will see how much old lacquer of the hands or feet is gone off. Should be left still somewhat old layer, you repeat just once again at the affected area. Accessing professional-products-, it is worth!

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