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Vylet-Nails nail cleaner for cleaning and removing grease from nails
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Cleaning and hygiene is at the nail modeling a particularly important aspect. Liquids for cleaning, disinfection +. Distance are an absolute must for the Professional nail modeling. As a result is the prevention of infection possible. To a perfect nail modeling to create, the nails must be free from dust and dirt. In the first step is the cleaning and degreasing of the nails before tips are applied can. The nails are not properly cleaned and degreased, the liability is not sure ensure tip glue or gel. After each layer of the gel, the hardened in the light is, the reduction of the layer of sweat. For all of these Our Vylet-Nails is suitable steps nail cleaner. Also to the Removal of filings it can be used. You can use our Nail cleaner easily wipe off the nails. It is suitable as well for the Disinfection of hands and nails. The nail cleaner is not aggressive and yet highly effective. He is in a packaging unit of 100 ml delivered. It has a pleasant scent and oils contains nourishing nail design. Additional fragrances, dyes and oils are not included, making a high adhesion is guaranteed. You can your nails with this nail cleaner Clean thoroughly and at the same time maintain. Convince yourself of the Effectiveness and gentleness, you will be completely amazed. We offer You highest quality of our products. Rely on our experience of the manufacturer.

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