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Nail care, disinfection, removal – Vylet-Nails isopropanol

The fabric of isopropanol is represented in the Vylet-Nails hygiene spray at 80%. The remaining 20% consists of water. This effective blend has long been used in the medical field and ideal for the cleaning, disinfection and removal of bacteria and dirt on many surfaces. Isopropyl alcohol is one of the volatile, colorless, flammable liquids. Therefore: the closer comes the formulation of 99.9% pure isopropyl alcohol, ever more careful use must take place. The fumes can be numbingly, therefore should always be provided for adequate ventilation. The mixing ratio offered here for your Studio by us, despite water content is bactericide, fungicide and disinfectant in certain viruses. This fluid serves not only the surface cleaning, but is used also for the antibacterial treatment on the hands. The cleaner can protect you and your customers from becoming infected with diseases. The disinfectant solution is been bottled in a 250 ml bottle. A practical Pumpsprüher facilitates comprehensive cover so that the ingredients can develop fully. When used on people please check that the product in open wounds or passes. Otherwise, this article from the assortment of Vylet-Nails is aldehydes and dye-free. It was also deliberately forego use of fragrances. In short here, you purchase a quality hygiene products for the lowest prices.

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