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Cleaning and disinfection – standard nail cleaner
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In the nails, it needs many liquids for cleaning, disinfection + removal. Our nded nail cleaner standard is used for disinfecting as well as to remove of the layer of sweat generated during curing with UV gels. The cleaner has a pleasant scent and its contained oils also have a nourishing effect. A clean work is extremely important to ensure a perfect nail design and good durability. Before applying the nail tips with a nail modeling the natural nail must can be degreased and cleaned, as this cause problems with the durability of tip adhesives or gel. The Nagelcleaner takes over the task of degreasing and cleaning up reliably. With it, any filing away and well prepared, so that the tip can be glued on the natural nail. The nail cleaner is available in three different sizes of 100 ml, 1000 ml and 5000 ml. With the Nagelcleaner, also gel residues can be removed by a brush. After each curing the gel layer forms a sticky layer of sweat on the nails. These can be removed with the cleaner easily. Rely on our long years of experience in manufacturing. We offer highest quality with unbeatable prices in our products. Convince yourself of our cleaner, you will be convinced by his gentle and yet reliable effect, the pleasant scent and its nourishing properties.

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