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Cleaning, disinfection – special nail cleaner for nail modeling
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The nded special nail cleaner is one of the indispensable liquids in a thorough nail care. One is by many tasks of the Nailcleaners, to purify the natural nails on hands or feet and degrease. He is also a must for some intermediate steps in an art nail modeling. Quickly and reliably you can clean some utensils with this special product. Cleaning, disinfection and removal - this creates our product properly. You should still never without the application of professional disinfectants! We have summarized the diverse applications and properties for you here. The cleaner degreasing natural nails before the gel or acrylic job for optimum adhesion. The filings, as well as the dispersion film after curing of the gels can be removed easily with a drenched Zelette. Their gel nails get a brilliant shine in final sweating layer removal. If you have finished up with Nailartfarbe times, you can easily wipe off time error. Use it also to the preparation of the nails before a painting. Our nail cleaner even helps clean your tools (brushes, spot swirls, reusable templates, etc.) and evaporates without leaving any residue. You will receive our optional sizes per 100 ml, 1000 ml, or even for a larger storage also a filling in 5000 ml. facilitate practical plastic bottles a separate and economical removal of the cleaners. Quite simply at nded, you get quality products that are still cheap.

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