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nded nail cleaner Citrus mild - soft natural nail cleaner
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30% Isopropyl Alcohol in the nded Nail Cleaner Citrus soft - Nail Cleaner Citrus soft ensures that the liquid not only cleans but also disinfects, a Citrus fragrance ensures a pleasant climate in the application. The Nail Cleaner is suitable for all steps in nail art and nail modeling and creates the best conditions for long lasting and shining nail creations.

Important is a nail cleaner not only for cleaning the nails, for example, before applying nail polish or modeling material. Even during the Gelmodellage the nail cleanser provides good services. Thus, the sweat layer, which is formed during the curing of the gel layers, can be removed easily and thoroughly. A clean surface is the prerequisite for the next layer to adhere perfectly. The mild cleanser, which is especially suitable for natural nails, is applied to a cell tray, which is then wiped over the nail until it meets the requirements of cleanliness and greasiness. Stubborn gel or fiberglass residues are easier to remove when the nail plate is soaked. In the nail studio, large amounts of liquids are required for cleaning, disinfecting and removal for a variety of different tasks, so there is the nded nail cleanser Citrus mild in three container sizes from 100 to 5,000 ml. Also suitable bottles for filling and removing the cleaner Shop. NDED Nail Cleaner Citrus-Mild - Premium Nail Cleaner Citrus-Soft is profi Gel-Sweat Layer Remover for nail modeling, manicure and pedicure.

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