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nded special tip adhesive Liquids nded special tip adhesive
from 0,45 € *
nded cuticle care oil, fragrant Liquids nded cuticle care oil, fragrant
from 0,89 € *
nded primer - bonding gel Liquids nded primer - bonding gel
from 0,89 € *
nded standard nail cleaner Liquids nded standard nail cleaner
from 0,99 € *
nded dispersion layer remover Liquids nded dispersion layer remover
from 0,99 € *
nded nail tip blender Liquids nded nail tip blender
from 1,09 € *
nded nail tip remover Liquids nded nail tip remover
from 1,19 € *
Elina hand and nail cream Liquids Elina hand and nail cream
1,25 € *
Elina skin care cream  Liquids Elina skin care cream
1,25 € *
Dina hand and nail balsam Liquids Dina hand and nail balsam
1,56 € *
nded special nail cleaner Liquids nded special nail cleaner
from 1,59 € *
nded brush cleaner 80% Liquids nded brush cleaner 80%
from 1,59 € *
nded adhesive remover Liquids nded adhesive remover
1,70 € *
nded 3-in-1 ridge filler Liquids nded 3-in-1 ridge filler
1,85 € *
Manicure tub Liquids Manicure tub
from 1,95 € *
nded cuticle cream stick Liquids nded cuticle cream stick
1,95 € *
nded primer - bonding gel Liquids nded primer - bonding gel
from 1,99 € *
nded nail polish remover Liquids nded nail polish remover
from 1,99 € *
1,99 € / 100 ml
nded nail polish remover, free of acetone Liquids nded nail polish remover, free of acetone
from 1,99 € *
1,99 € / 100 ml
nded nail biting treatment Liquids nded nail biting treatment
2,29 € *
nded cuticle Remover Liquids nded cuticle Remover
from 2,33 € *
nded soak-off gel remover Liquids nded soak-off gel remover
from 2,38 € *
2,38 € / 100 ml
nded base coat Liquids nded base coat
from 2,46 € *
nded fingernail hardener Liquids nded fingernail hardener
from 2,46 € *
nded nail sun block Liquids nded nail sun block
from 2,46 € *
nded calcium care Liquids nded calcium care
2,49 € *
NAIL-EON gel polish remover Liquids NAIL-EON gel polish remover
from 2,84 € *
2,84 € / 100 ml
nded nail special sealer Liquids nded nail special sealer
from 2,89 € *
NAIL-EON Remove Wraps Liquids NAIL-EON Remove Wraps
from 3,36 € *
nded Dehydrator 15 ml Liquids nded Dehydrator 15 ml
3,85 € *
nded hygienic spray 80% Liquids nded hygienic spray 80%
from 4,50 € *
nded primer - bonding gel Liquids nded primer - bonding gel
3,40 € *
nded nail preparation liquid Liquids nded nail preparation liquid
from 4,91 € *
Soak-Off nail soakers Liquids Soak-Off nail soakers
4,95 € *
nded nail polish thinner Liquids nded nail polish thinner
from 5,67 € *
Sterillium classic pure Liquids Sterillium classic pure
from 5,88 € *
Vylet-Nails cuticle remover Liquids Vylet-Nails cuticle remover
6,93 € *
nded nail polish dryer Liquids nded nail polish dryer
from 7,49 € *
Vylet-Nails calcium nail care Liquids Vylet-Nails calcium nail care
8,19 € *
Vylet-Nails nail tip remover Liquids Vylet-Nails nail tip remover
8,19 € *
Vylet-Nails nail cleaner Liquids Vylet-Nails nail cleaner
8,19 € *
Vylet-Nails cuticle oil Liquids Vylet-Nails cuticle oil
8,19 € *
Vylet-Nails nail hardener Liquids Vylet-Nails nail hardener
8,19 € *
Vylet-Nails base coat Liquids Vylet-Nails base coat
9,45 € *
Vylet-Nails nail tip blender Liquids Vylet-Nails nail tip blender
9,45 € *
Vylet-Nails nail polish remover Liquids Vylet-Nails nail polish remover
9,45 € *
Vylet-Nails 3-in-1 ridge filler Liquids Vylet-Nails 3-in-1 ridge filler
10,71 € *

Please select the appropriate sub-category to Liquids:

Preparation and Finish
Brittle nails, split nails or weak and dry nails - anyone who has to live with problem nails and has already tried everything without success, should try a special polish, finish and nail preparation from NDED.
Cleaning, Disinfection and Removal
For all nail designs involved in nail shaping. Artificial fingernails and accessories: Liquids of the highest quality for nails, straight from the nail design manufacturer. Isopropanol disinfection, nail cleaning and removal products are also indispensable for nail modeling. The cleaning...
Nail Care
When the nail care for the natural nails consists only of painting them prettily or of gluing on artificial fingernails, that may be pretty, but it’s not long-term nail care. The lasting adherence of...
Nail liquids required for the preparation and finish of nails, including nail care and disinfection

Everyone enjoys attractive nail designs, but hardly anyone knows the effort it takes to design fingernails. Anyone who has tried it themself will know that along with precise work, diverse products are also necessary for a good result. When selecting the nail bar liquids needed to remove the old nail polish, it is important to look for a quality nail polish remover. The acetone-free Vylet-Nails nail polish remover for artificial and natural nails is not only particularly thorough but it also prevents drying and keeps the cuticle smooth. The nail polish remover (jar) with a sponge to remove individual nails with scratches is also practical. The soak-off gel remover means the annoying filing off of gels is no longer necessary. To then improve adhesion between the natural nail and the artificial nail, you should use a fingernail base pen. In the best nail bar quality it is perfect for applying to the natural nail before starting with the artificial nail. If your nail has been damaged in one spot, it is important to have fingernail disinfectant at hand. This works well with the fingernail cuticle remover. This softens the skin so that it can be easily pushed back and removed. Buy cheap liquids for preparation, desinfection, nail care and finish. 

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