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nded soak-off color gel

Art.No.: V7563
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Use the nded soak-off color gel for conjuring up totally new modeling which will withstand any fashion. Whether you are interested in the French look or in the whole nail - use this gel for unleashing your own ideas.


thin medium thick
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Nail design with nded soak-off color gel

Gel & color gel easily perfect results with the soak off gel UV line are obtained. The nded soak off color gel is ideal for an individual model location. No matter what trend is just said with this gel you keep up with every trend. No matter whether an extraordinary French look or a complete modeling, with this gel set highlights which guarantees drag attention. The color gel can be used to design individual nails. It can be easily processed and is of high quality. A fast modeling with a perfect result is possible with this gel. Like all of the soak-off gels line it provides a minimal file work. The soak off gel can be applied to the natural nail, and it smooths the nail tips. It thereby performs no mechanical stimuli and is well tolerated. Gel nails again activates the auto-smoothing effect. The gels need only 2 minutes curing time in the UV lamp, it makes no difference which of the layers of the building, whether primer, building gel or finish just worked. A long wait is therefore obsolete. Can convince yourself of this incredible gel and trust our experience of the manufacturer. You will be impressed by the versatility of the gel. It hardens in 120 seconds in normal UV light devices and in 30 to 60 seconds in LED light curing units.

Medium viscosity

thin medium thick
UV suitable

Create durable and robust nails using UV gels and the appropriate accessories. UV gels are available in various colours and consistencies. They can be cured using UV-lamp or CCFL lamp, in ca. 120 seconds. Items labeled with this seal are designed for UV-gel technique.

LED suitable

LED gels and the fitting accessories make it possible to create nails in only few moments. LED gels can be cured in ca. 30-90 seconds using LED-lamp or CCFL lamp, and with UV-lamp ca.120 seconds. LED gels can be removed and they don’t need to be filed away. This seal means that the article is suitable to be used with LED gels.


Do you have allergies but still want beautiful nails? Then just use acid-free gel suitable for people with allergies.

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