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French Gel

nded make-up gel French Gel
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French gel for French style gel nails or a French manicure in a beautiful design

French manicure gel - Nail modelling with french gel -  French manicures are beautiful. Fingernails with this design impress with sheer elegance and care, in spite of simple handling they always look excellent and, even more, they are protected. This is because polishes, removers and other substances are not really needed to create the French look. The simple elegance of this style works in any situation and matches any outfit, can be worn to any event and never looks overdressed. But a French manicure is only possible on even length, healthy nails. What can you do if the natural nail is torn, weak and full of ridges? A French manicure is an appearance that can also be achieved with artificial nails. It is easy to treat layers of acrylic or gel with a whitener to make them look like natural nails. However, the thought needs some getting used to: Artificial fingernails, gel nails without color, jewelry or glitter? Of course! This can be done with the French UV gels. The gels are available in delicate blush tones, which come close to the natural colors of a fingernail and skin, to soft white and the trendy ultra white. The advantages nails modelled in a French look are obvious: The attached nails protect the underlying natural nail so that, with professional care, this can quickly regain health. Then a French manicure with the natural nail will again be an option.

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