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nded summer color gel

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Springtime is over, and the summer is starting at long last. Everything around you is aglow with brilliant colors – except your fingernails, that is? You can soon change this state of affairs with the nded summer color gel.


thin medium thick
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nded summer color gel Color Gel
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Nail design with UV gel: Summer color gel

You have not the right color for the summer always on your fingernails? That can be changed quickly. The nded summer color gel appears with its finest summer trendy effects summery beautiful on natural and artificial nails. Submit themselves to a lavish manicure and maintain your hands and nails before applying a UV suitable for the summer GEL & color gel in great colors. Strengthen or model your natural or artificial nails with a base and building gel and apply our summer color gels of your choice directly to one. Harden it under a UV lamp and if necessary, again repeat this operation with the color gel. Applying multi-layer this nail gels, you decide which color intensity you wear on your nails. Applying our color nail gel is very easy due to its medium viscosity in processing. Also an elaborate model falls away because it smoothes out thanks to the effect of the honey itself. Keep in mind that you thinly apply each layer due to the included color pigments. Just so, the color gel UV light can be fully screened and cured with 100% security. Today, order our colourful summer gel, which gives you a touch of Sun in winter.

Medium viscosity

thin medium thick
UV suitable

Create durable and robust nails using UV gels and the appropriate accessories. UV gels are available in various colours and consistencies. They can be cured using UV-lamp or CCFL lamp, in ca. 120 seconds. Items labeled with this seal are designed for UV-gel technique.


Do you have allergies but still want beautiful nails? Then just use acid-free gel suitable for people with allergies.

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