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Vylet-Nails elements quick finish gel – fast-action sealing polish
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There are not very many products, the same Properties such as the Vylet-Nails Elements quick finish gel 15ml have. The Products from the Vylet-nails elements are all very high quality products in Studio quality, which leave nothing to be desired. Also it is not so surprising that this quick finish gel is particularly easy and good process can be. Thanks to the thin viscosity, the gel using a can be UV gel or acrylic brush easily apply to the modeled nail. The Gel even smooth stretches (honey effect). The components he is Nail is equipped not only with a high-gloss coating, but the nail is sealed also mirror like. After the gel has been applied thinly on the nail, the nail will be cured in a UV light curing unit. The curing time is ever after Curing device between 1.5 and 3 minutes. Not every UV gel and colour gel ensures a such beautiful and breath-taking final result, as it the quick finish gel Vylet-Nails supplies. This product is the perfect finish for a professional-quality nail modeling. If the nail with nail art should be decorated, decorating in previously will be before sealing inserted on still wet gel layer. After curing, which is then Sealing gel usually applied and cured. It is important make sure that all the nails were evenly cured.  

0.069 Meters (m)
0.067 Meters (m)
0.045 Meters (m)
thin medium thick

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