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Vylet-Nails elements modeling gel
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With the super elastic modeling gel from the Vylet-Nails You will receive a quality product, which thickness due to its element series Viscosity provides extreme flexibility for the processing. The Vylet-Nails Element modelling gel 15 ml of thick has a new viscosity,. only in very few UV gel & color Gelen exist. At the Use this gel is sure that it before each use is stirred. This modeling will gel as a second layer of gel to the previously applied and cured primer gel coat applied. The thick viscous Modeling gel Vylet-Nails Elements is applied so thick that the highest point of the nail design gel (C curve) in the transition between Nail design is tip and artificial nail. Through the use of this gel the nails get a natural appearance, as it not every gel creates. Many nail designers are already using this modelling gel in their Studios, as it is extremely flexible and very attractive in terms of the application and use the nail design. Using a special gel brush can is the easily apply gel to the nail. The materials and many more gels also out of Vylet-Nails Elements series get in our shop. This new product for yourself and will be amazed and conjure up the most beautiful nails.

0.066 Meters (m)
0.07 Meters (m)
0.042 Meters (m)
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