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NDED soak-off bonding gel for nail design
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You want to enhance your natural nails or artificial nails for only a special solemnity modelled? Our nded soak-off outstanding LED primer gel is suitable for this. This unique LED gel can be with our soak off Solver effortlessly back from the nail removed, without which you must file such as at the traditional nail gels. Matting you your nails lightly with a buffer on, until there are no shiny job to see more. Free them from the filing with a cosmetic brush and clean with a cleaner after. Then apply primer a, which ensures enhanced adhesion between the UV-LED gel and the natural nail. Then model a thin layer of the LED of soak-off gel for the primer on. Our Tip: Treat your nails individually and leave directly after applying for about 15 seconds to cure each nail. Then, you can create all the fingers together for a maximum two minutes under the UV light. Work directly, with our other nded soak-off LED gels without removing the layer of sweat. Only after applying the last gel, you remove it. Follow these steps to get a great shine on your fingernails. Our high-quality nded soak off nail gel available UV gel & color gel from the range in varying amounts. You want to strengthen your natural nails so short or model artificial nails, this gel that is created. Now also with ordinary UV devices and in use with the LED light curing units can be used!

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