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Soak Off Gel

Best soak off gel is a removable gel system meaning less filing work

Fingernails grow, wear down, develop small tears and cracks. In extreme cases this is really unattractive, but it is annoying before it even becomes visible. Even the smallest bumps in nails can lead to tears, corners can break off and nails become dull. This is not a problem for only natural fingernails, it concerns artificial nails as well. Soak-off gels smooth the nail tips without any mechanical irritation. The gel is simply painted on, it minimizes the time for filing and automatically smooths the tips. For gel nails it works by slightly dissolving and penetrating the nail gel, which reactivates the self-smoothing effect.   But the gels in the soak-off system can do even more. They can be painted on natural nails as color gels, they simplify the modelling of nails, add glitter effects to your natural nails and, of course, can be removed again. Soak-off gels are light-cured, this means they harden really quickly under natural light, without long waiting times or special equipment. The gels are a revolution! They are unbelievably easy to work with. Along with color gels, our catalog also contains sealing gels, nail soakers, removers and everything else you need. The package sizes vary - we offer affordable bulk packages for the professional nail artist as well as small package sizes for private use. Wholesale soak off gel supplies for french manicure studios and at home.

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