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Magic Booster Gel - Nailart Snake Effect Gel Bubble UV Gel
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Our NDED Booster Gel provides a unique, spectacular nail design for your fingernails. It resembles that of a beating skin. The design of a snake skin is an absolute eye catcher. Apply a color gel or a Uv nail varnish of your choice to your nail and allow it to cure. Then another color as contrast color, do not cure. Now take a spot swirl to take some booster gel and just dab on the nail. This is how the pattern is created. Let the nail in a lamp cure and then seal it again. It's your eye-catcher.

Prepare the nail as usual, apply a color gel of your choice and harden. Do not remove the sweat layer.

Apply a color gel of your choice and cure - do not remove the perspiration layer.
Subsequently apply a color gel in contrast color very thin, but do not cure.
Now apply the Magic Booster Effect Gel on a spot or in fine lines in the still wet gel (using a fine brush or dotting tool). Now you can cure the gel as usual and seal it.

0.033 Meters (m)
0.033 Meters (m)
0.029 Meters (m)
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